Tweed Fringe-Trim Grey Jacket

Fashionable Luxury Designer Clothing for children.

The best-selling twill cardigan now comes in grey. This cardigan is made from twill and can be paired with anything for casual or polished look. This cardigan is all about style ,elagance , sophisticated and high fashion outfit.

Available from size 3T (3-4 years) – 7T (7-8 years).

  • Round, collarless neckline
  • Fringe trim detail on collar and cuffs
  • Snap button on front
  • Flap chest pockets
  • Ruffled detail on front
  • Relaxed fit
  • Medium weight
  • Imported




Size 3T (3-4 years)   : B25″ W25″ L24″ S15″

Size 4T (4-5 years)   : B26″ W26″ L25″ S16″

Size 5T (5-6 years)   : B27″ W27″ L27″ S17″

Size 6T (6-7 years) : B 28″ W28″ L29″ S18″

Size 7T (7-8 years) : B29″ W29″ L30″ S19″



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3T (3-4 years), 4T (4-5 years), 5T (5-6 years), 6T (6-7 years), 7T (7-8 years)