Tiered Transparent Skirt in Black

Fashionable Luxury Designer Clothing for Children.

This unique tiered transparent tulle skirt is a perfect statement piece for your little girl!  You can count on this skirt to make them look good any day  of the week.

Available from size 3T (3-4 years) – 8T (8-10 years).

  • Elastic waist
  • Tiered tulle
  • Mid calf length
  • 2 pieces
  • Runs true size
  • Ruffled hem
  • Light weight
  • Imported




Size 3T (3-4 years)   : W18″ H27″ L17″

Size 4T (4-5 years)   : W18″ H28″ L17.5″

Size 5T (5-6 years)   : W19 H32″ L20″

Size 6T (6-7 years)  : W20″ H36″ L21.5″

Size 7T (7-8 years)  : W20″ H40″ L24″

Size 8T (8-10 years)   : W21″ H42″ L26″


Short Pants

Size 3T (3-4 years)   : W16″ H17″ TC10″ L8″

Size 4T (4-5 years)   : W17″ H19″ TC11″ L8.5″

Size 5T (5-6 years)   : W18″ H20″ TC12″ L9.5″

Size 6T (6-7 years)  : W20″ H21″ TC13″ L10″

Size 7T (7-8 years)  : W21″ H23″ TC14″ L10.5″

Size 8T (8-10 years)  : W22″ H25″ TC16″ L12″



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3T (3-4 years), 4T (4-5 years), 5T (5-6 years), 6T (6-7 years), 7T (7-8 years), 8T (8-10 years)


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