Long Puffy-Sleeve Mock Ruffle Black Chiffon Sweater Blouse with Flower Embroidery Detail

Fashionable Luxury Designer Clothing for children.

This elegant piece is cut from comfortable cotton, blend in flattering long puffy chiffon sleeve. It’s decorated with Victorian mock ruffle collar. This high fashion top is stylish but still keep you warm.

Available from size 3T (3-4 years) – 8T (8-10 years).

  • Mock ruffle neckline , button back
  • Flower embroidery collar
  • Long puffy chiffon sleeves, lined
  • Cotton lined all over
  • Straight hem
  • Imported




Size 3T (3-4 years)   : B22″ W22″ L14″ S14″

Size 4T (4-5 years)   : B23″ W23″ L16″ S18″

Size 5T (5-6 years)   : B24″ W24″ L16.5″ S18.5″

Size 6T (6-7 years) : B26″ W26″ L17.5″ S19″

Size 7T (7-8 years) : B27″ W27″ L18″ S20″

Size 8T (8-10 years) : B28″ W28″ L19″ S21″

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3T (3-4 years), 4T (4-5 years), 5T (5-6 years), 6T (6-7 years), 7T (7-8 years), 8T (8-10 years)